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Our mission

Here at Town and Gown Coffee Cambridge we are committed to building sound economic and environmental relationships with farmers and customers alike.

Our story

Based in the historical city of Cambridge, Town and Gown Coffee started off as a small sourcing project sparked by Efa’s affinity for coffee and Tom’s passion for keeping up with new trends in the beverage industry.

We supply speciality coffee from origin to our customers but most importantly we source our coffee directly from farmers and encourage sustainable farming practices and ethical purchasing.

We offer green or roasted coffee beans or can assist you in sourcing your own coffee directly from farmers in Congo.

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Direct trade

Our initial attraction to Congolese coffee was of course it’s fresh and delicious state. Just barely on the radar of speciality coffee, several of the world’s leading buyers of speciality coffee have come to dub the Democratic Republic of Congo as the “final frontier for speciality coffee”.

Only 30 years ago Congo exported over 120,000 tonnes of coffee a year however due to political instability and a civil war that lasted over 5 years, the industry experienced a massive decline. In 2017 only 11,000 tonnes of coffee were exported out of Congo.

Basic resources such as roads, potable water and electricity are scarce making it very difficult for farmers in Congo to sell their coffee on the export market and they are forced to either abandon their plantations or sell their coffee to be processed in neighbouring countries at far below market value.

National and International agencies such as the National office for Coffee and ElanUK are making changes to support development within agro-businesses within Congo.

Our coffee is directly sourced from Emmanuel at COOPAC ltd, a cooperative established in 2001 aiming to regenerate the coffee sector in the Gisenyi region of Lake Kivu in the East of Congo. COOPAC provides education to all its members who are also shareholders and assistance to community-based initiatives such as local women and youth development programs.

As a company we have made a commitment to work directly with farmers in the regions most affected by the civil war and offer above national market prices in recognition of the quality.


“Coffee is a perennial crop and a worldwide commodity with increasing market demand. Revenues earned come in handy as hard currency and assist in diversifying farmer’s revenue streams, giving them disposable income to invest in their development priorities and/or farming enterprises.”

Benjamin Lentz, Building coffee value chain

Our coffee

So you have heard all about us and all about our coffee.
So what are you waiting for? …Time to try it for yourself. Enjoy.